Alexandre Piacsek is a Hungarian architect and artist born in 1968 graduated from the School of Architecture and Urban Studies of the University of Sao Paulo, still an icon of Modernist architecture.

His curriculum was shaped by an original Bauhaus pedagogy, implemented by the design of the school, the visionary Brazilian architect Vilanova Artigas. During his education he developed a unique background in all areas of architecture, design and the Arts. 

After the graduation he worked for several firms in Sao Paulo acquiring experience mainly on the field of Housing and High-end residential design. Established private practice in 2006 to provide consulting for the biggest Sao Paulo developers. 

Piacsek Moved to London in 2013 and in 2014 founded Piacsek gallery-  a new platform for contemporary art based in the UK, focused on showcasing the finest and fresh emerging art practice. 

Specialised in residencial design and influenced by modernism: " the most elegant and smart design principle so far"-  Alexandre Piacsek pursues research on experimental architecture and its applications for the advancement of the design. 

" I have selected house design as a laboratory to test new ideas once working on small scale allows me to investigate alternative types of structures and to perform radical experiments in architecture without the support of a structural engineer on the early stages of the design.
I am of the opinion that any innovative project must be grounded in efficiency and functionality, but the architect must strive to create an exciting and dramatic living environment, where the client can thrive. Overall, the design must prioritize human experience, will have expressive shapes, but the plan will be derived from a response to function. And quoting Eileen Gray” It is architecture itself that must be the real decoration” Alexandre Piacsek

While working as an architect in the UK, since 2012 he has been showcasing his work in London galleries and group shows, pointing out "Illustrated 2015" at the Old Truman Brewery and Debut Contemporary Gallery exhibitions in Notting Hill.